Fairy Crafts for Kids

Get ready to flit and flutter with these fun fairy crafts for kids!

Fairy Crafts for Kids

If your little ones love fairies as much as ours do, there is definitely a craft that will appeal to them below.

From paper crafts to more intricate and involved crafts, there’s a fairy craft that will get their hearts aflutter.

These fairy crafts for kids are the perfect way to get creative and bond with your little ones over something they love!

Whether you make something they can use to decorate their room, like a paper fairy mobile, or something that they can play with for the rest of the day, like fairy wands and wings, kids will have so much fun making each of these crafts and enjoying them for a long time! 

Fun Fairy Crafts for Kids

Making Your Fairy Crafts

While each craft below has its own special list of supplies that are needed, there are some overlaps between most of the crafts.

Make sure you have these items on hand to start and then delve into the more specific craft supplies for each of the fairy crafts you’d like to complete.

  • Markers
  • Kid-friendly scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • School glue
  • Glitter
  • Construction paper
  • Pencil

Be sure to check the supplies for your favorite craft before you get started. There’s nothing worse than crafting with kids and getting midway through a project only to realize you don’t have the necessary supplies to complete it!

The Cutest Fairy Crafts for Kids

Fun Fairy Crafts

Adorable Fairy Crafts for Kids

Flitter and flap those fairy wings as you get ready to create some of the most adorable fairy crafts for kids around!

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