What Is A Fae?

Are you curious about Fae?  We are too!  Join us as we learn all about Fae!

Fae are magical beings from another world.  While they mostly live in a space that is between worlds, it is possible that we have been around them without even knowing it. 

What is a Fae

Fae are present everywhere!  Places like forests, gardens and even our own backyards are popular spots for Fae!  Here, we will discover what a fae is, different types of fae, and traits of the fae.

Are you ready to explore a world like no other?  Let’s go!

All About Fae

What are Fae?

Fae folk have been known to exist in our world for a very long time.  They are powerful and mysterious spirits of nature that we can see in a variety of forms.  From elves to fairies, the fae present themselves to humans as they see fit.

Fae are believed to live in a place called the Otherworld.  The Otherworld is connected to our world by liminal spaces or portals.  Liminal spaces are commonly found in places like forests or mounds within the earth.  Near these portals is where Fae can sometimes be seen.  

What is a Fae

Fae vs. Fairy

What’s the difference between a Fae and Fairy?  Well, there isn’t one really.  Today, the words are often used interchangeably.  A long time ago, it was thought that a Fae was mischievous and a Fairy was good.  This is not necessarily true, as Fae and Fairies can be both kind and evil. 

Fae and Fairy also can be called Fey, Faerie, and Fair Folk.  Depending on who you are talking to Fae about, you may hear any one of these names.  It is more common in the United States to use the term Fairy, rather than Fae.  However, they are the same.  

What is a Fae

Types of Fae

There are many different types of Fae folk.  Brownies, Pixies, and Elves are three of the most common Fae folk.


Brownies are house fairies.  They typically reside in the home of a human, or very close by.  A Brownie is rarely seen.  It is said that they come out at night to help with the cleaning and other work around the house.  They are sometimes a bit mischievous though, as they like to rearrange rooms and hide human trinkets.  Brownies are believed to have the most human interaction compared to other types of Fae.  


Pixies are Fae folk found in the garden amongst the flowers and herbs.  They like to wear green to match their surroundings.  Pixies enjoy dancing in the moonlight, playing in water, and blowing out candles for fun.


Elves are a type of Fae found in colder climates.  They are pocket-sized spirits who are known to haunt the hills and forests of an area.  Elves tend to keep to themselves, but they do get delight in performing mischievous tricks on humans, and each other.

What is a Fae

Fae Traits

Fae folk have different looks and personalities, just like humans.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and forms.  They may look very different from each other depending on the type of Fae that they are.  Some common traits for Fae include small frames, slanted eyes, and sharp features.  

Fae folk are typically shy, aloof, and curious.  They love to play, dance, and dream.  Fae are mysterious, and they can be both helpful and harmful, depending on the individual.   They live in a way that is quite different than we do as humans.  In the Otherworld, life is more vibrant and wild than ours here on earth.

What is a Fae

Discovering Fae

Fae, or fairies, are enchanted creatures with unique gifts and strengths.  There are many different types of Fae, each with their own look and personality.  Fae can be kind, Fae can be naughty, Fae can be playful, and Fae can be sly.  Fae are mysterious and extraordinary beings that exist all around us!

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