Types of Fairies

Interested in the world of fairies?  Discover some of the different types of fairies with us!

In the whimsical world of fairies, there are many types of fairies to be discovered.  Fairies, or fae folk, tend to tie themselves with the elements, such as earth, fire, air, and water.  These elements are what the fae use to define themselves and this is also how we can identify the different types of fairies that live among us. 

Types of Fairies

Fairies are essentially spirits of nature and they exist within the world to protect and care for the element they are most tied to.  While fae folk live on earth, they may not always be in the same dimension, and this is why it’s hard for us as humans to see them.  

Let’s take a deeper look into the fairy world and learn about a few of the fairies that are around us. Check out this short list of fairies.  

Different Kinds of Fae Folk


Brownies are nocturnal earth helpers.  You can find them helping out around the house and lending a hand to hardworking people and families that need it the most. 

They stand about 3 feet tall, have brown complexions, and pointed ears.  If they aren’t sharing space in a house with a human, they tend to make their own dwellings underground.

Brownies are known to bring magic and good luck to a place when they are feeling loved and appreciated.  They enjoy treats of milk and cookies, and also consider animals to be the best of friends.  This makes farmlands and rural areas some of their favorite places to live.  

Types of Fairies


Pixies are nature fairies that enjoy being among the flowers and the trees.  When you think of a fairy, a pixie is probably what you think of. 

Standing at 4 inches tall, they resemble tiny humans with wings that move fast like a hummingbird.  While they love being near people, they are hard to spot as they tend to magically cloak their communities in order to stay hidden.  

Pixies love to interact with humans, and in fact, are very mischievous in doing so.  They are always playing jokes and finding delight in things that sometimes humans may not find so amusing.  For instance, they like to steal and hide human trinkets to be funny. 

Having pixies around your home can help your gardens thrive and flourish!  


Elves are caretakers of the forest.  They are known to have beautiful blonde hair, captivating blue eyes, and pointed ears.   They are about as tall as a human but very skinny, almost frail-looking.  

Elves tend to steer clear of humans and focus on protecting their forests.  They like to live in groups and use their strengths within nature. 

In the rare instance that an elf should encounter a human, they will probably be friendly unless they feel that the interaction was unkind.   

Types of Fairies


Devas are very small woodland fairies.  You may have, in fact, seen a Deva without even realizing it as they look similar to a firefly. Humans see Devas as bright orbs flying among the trees within wooded areas.

Devas are believed to guide witches and medical researchers on their journey to discover plant-based remedies and tinctures.  They enjoy herbalism and also love being around well cared for flowers, herbs, and other plant life.  

Fairy Types 

Taking the time to learn about the different types of fairies that are around us can possibly encourage fairy visits, as well as, other encounters with the fae. 

While there are so many kinds of fairies out there, this short list can get you started on your journey to learn more about the world of fairies.  Have fun and keep believing!

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