The 10 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers

Take a look at the best gifts for unicorn lovers!

The 10 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers

Full of rainbows, glitter, and sparkles, unicorns are magical creatures that capture the hearts of young and old alike. 

In fact, we’re pretty sure that you, or someone you know, are simply fascinated with these mystical beings. 

Whoever it may be, surprising them (or you!) with a super special unicorn gift will definitely make their day and bring a smile to their face. 

From unicorn cookie cutters to unicorn bath bomb fizzers, there is a unicorn gift for every unicorn lover.   

Check out ten of the most enchanting gifts for unicorn lovers for all ages!

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The 10 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers

Unicorn Lover Gift Ideas

Unicorn Mug

A fun unicorn mug makes sipping on that hot chocolate, tea, or coffee just a bit more magical.  Surprise your favorite unicorn lover with a perfectly pretty unicorn mug!

Unicorn Garden Kit

Build and design an enchanting world made for unicorns with a unicorn garden kit.  If you know someone who loves unicorns and also loves miniature gardening, a do-it-yourself unicorn gardening kit is an enchanting gift idea.   

Combining baked goods with delightful unicorns is as magical as it gets.  Gift your baking bestie some unicorn-shaped cookie cutters to make the most delicious unicorn treats that everyone can enjoy!

Unicorn Snow Globe

Extra enchanting gifts for unicorn lovers are unicorn snow globes.  Give it a shake and watch as the glitter comes down over a majestic unicorn transporting you into a magical world.  

The 10 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers

Unicorn Pool Float

Make swimming a bit more magical with a super fun unicorn float.  Take it to the pool, to the lake, or even to the beach, and bring all of the unicorn magic to every swimming event.  

Unicorn Planter Pot

Gift a unicorn-shaped planter pot to someone who loves both unicorns and plants!  A unicorn planter is a perfect gift because it will combine the charm of unicorns with the natural beauty of plants or flowers.

Unicorn Onesie

Get comfy and cozy with a warm unicorn onesie.  Great for both kids and adults, a unicorn onesie can make sleepy time a more magical experience.  

Unicorn Earrings

Surprise the unicorn lover in your life with a pretty pair of unicorn earrings.  Sure to bring a little sparkle to any jewelry collection, unicorn earrings make a perfect accessory.  

Unicorn Robe

For a truly magical feeling, give the gift of luxury with a colorful, comfortable, warm, and fuzzy unicorn robe that every unicorn lover will adore.  

Unicorn Bath Bomb Fizzer

Make bath time more magical with a unicorn bath bomb.  With fizzy colorful swirls (and sometimes bubbles), a unicorn bath bomb will turn any bath into a unicorn lovers utopia.     

The 10 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers

Presents for Your Favorite Unicorn Lover

Embracing all the colors of a rainbow, the shimmer of glitter, and enchanting magical powers, unicorns continue to have a mystical hold over most people that cross their path. 

Figuring out gifts for unicorn lovers can be challenging, but hopefully, the ideas above helped!

Whether you think a sparkly unicorn snow globe or fuzzy unicorn robe will be most adored, there’s no doubt that any of these gifts will captivate and charm all unicorn lovers.

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