Unicorn Island: A Unicorn Lover’s Paradise

Why, yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as unicorns and they live on Unicorn Island. Not quite (their horns would pop the inflatables), but this amazing tourist destination in the Philippines will make unicorn lovers everywhere rejoice.

Unicorn Island by Inflatable Islands - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

Welcome to Unicorn Island

Designed by Inflatable Island, Unicorn Island is part of an elaborate floating playground that’s 4,100 square meters. It’s the largest floating playground in Asia! If you put more than 8 basketball courts together side by side, it still wouldn’t be as big as Inflatable Island’s structure.

There’s a human launcher for the daredevils in the group…

Human Launcher at Unicorn Island - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

a unicorn trampoline…

Unicorn Island - Unicorns Fairies Glitter.com

the Bali beach with pink and purple loungers nestled under pink and purple umbrellas (that looks seriously relaxing and fun!)…

Unicorn Island - Bali Beach - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

rainbow bridges and inflatable narwhals (aka unicorns of the sea)…

Unicorn Island - Rainbows Unicorns Narwhals and More - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

a giant unicorn…

Unicorn Island by Inflatable Islands - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

an inflatable movie screen…

Unicorn Island - Where unicorn dreams come true - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

inflatable slides…

Inflatable slides at Unicorn Island - Unicorns Fairies & Glitter

and so much more!

Inflatable Island's Unicorn Island - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

Where is Unicorn Island?

Now that you’ve fallen in love with Unicorn Island, how do you get there?! Inflatable Island is located in Subic Bay waters at Samba Bluewater Resort, Purok 6, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines. If you’re in Manila, it’s only a 15 minute seaplane ride.

Who can go to Unicorn Island?

Anyone who is at least 3 feet tall can enjoy Inflatable Islands’ inflatable playground. Younger children between 3 and 4 feet tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Unicorn Island - Where Unicorn Dreams Come True - UnicornsFairiesGlitter.com

Are there group discounts?

Since we think this would be a terrific team building activity (can you blame us?!), we were excited to see that there are group discounts for 30 or more people!

How much does it cost to go to Unicorn Island?

Not including airfare, transportation, hotel, food and drinks, and all the other costs associated with international travel, the entry fee into Unicorn Island with the Soaked Whole Day Pass is P849 which converts to less than $17 US Dollars! (Airfare to the Philippines is going to be a tad bit more…)


What do you think? Is Unicorn Island going to be added to your unicorn dreams bucket list?

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